I will never forget March 2nd, 2017. I spent that evening at my local Wal-Mart waiting for the opportunity to get my Nintendo Switch. There were a few other people there as well, and we sat around swapping stories and trying to make time speed up. Almost four years and 300 games later, the Switch is continuing to do exactly what I predicted all those years ago, curating one of the greatest libraries of software ever assembled in a portable format. And I want to add to the record documenting it. This blog will be for the purpose of reviewing games and posting about my experience with the system. With that in mind I wanted to give you some ideas of what to expect and if you should care.

First off, I am absolutely a Switch Fanboy. I like Nintendo’s current approach and am pretty negative on a lot of what is going on with most of the games industry, and I make no bones about that. With that said, historically I am NOT a Nintendo Fanboy, and have a lot of beef about their business approach at times and how they have treated many of their properties. This bias is going to show up.

Next up, I buy ALL MY OWN GAMES. No sponsored content, no Free Game Codes from publishers, no ads, no monetization. I have never accepted this and I never will. The reason I say all this is I feel like buying the games is part of the experience. To me, it is easy to attack a game OR to forgive it’s faults if you didn’t pay for it because your money was not on the line.

Also, All the games I review will be Physical. This means a Cartridge. If the game is not physical, it might as well not exist on the Switch to me. I will not contribute to gamers no longer owning their own games. You are free to buy digital if you want, up to you. All games reviewed will be with a game cart. There will be no exceptions to this.

Finally, I am an opinionated person, and from time to time I am sure I will have a spicy take on something going on with the Switch and the business environment surrounding it. Fair warning that these will sometimes interrupt the reviews.

With that said, I hope you will all join me in Flipping the Switch and diving into an incredible system.


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