Blazing Chrome

Be Quick or be Dead While observing the major events of past decades, you can detect a dialectical pattern in the way things play out. The 40’s were a time of Depression and War, with the 50’s being seen as an era of Stabilization and Growth. The 60’s could be defined as a time of […]

ESP Ra. De Psi

The Limits of Human Potential Throughout the eons of cognitive development, a wide variety of theories have been proposed, discarded, debunked, and built upon. It now seems that there is a direct link between the cooking of food, shrinking of teeth, and development of larger brains. For an entire generation the belief persisted that we […]

Fan-Made Nintendo Switch Manuals

And so Neglect becomes our Ally… Game manuals have always been one of my favorite parts of the experience. A good manual can give each release a character all it’s own. And while each manual presented basic information such as booting the game and how to control your character, the bits I remember loving were […]


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